Oral Gavage Feeding Needles for Mouse & Rat

Gavage feeding needle for mouse
Gavage feeding needle for mouse

Straight and curved oral gavage feeding needles for sale from China.

The material of the mouse feeding needle is stainless steel.

The customized length of the feeding needle is available if the order quantity is more than 50pcs.

Type Length Diameter Range of application
#6 5cm 0.6mm Age within 5 weeks mice
#7 5cm 0.7mm Weight within 25g mice
#8 4.5cm 0.8mm Weight within 30g mice
#9 6cm 0.9mm Weight within 30g mice
#12 4cm 1.2mm Weight around 50g mice
#12 5cm 1.2mm Weight around 100g mice
#12 6cm 1.2mm Weight around 150g mice
#16 8cm 1.6mm Weight around 200g rats
#16 9cm 1.6mm Weight around 250g rats
#16 11cm 1.6mm Weight around 350g rats
#18 10cm 1.8mm Weight above 350g rats
#20 10cm 2.0mm Other animals
Different sizes of oral gavage feeding needles for different applications

What is oral gavage feeding

Oral gavage feeding is the most common method in mice. We can use oral gavage feeding needles to inject drug solution or suspension directly into the stomach of animals. The feeding operation is simple but easy to cause damage to the airway or the esophagus if the process is not careful.

Oral gavage feeding is available in animal experiments in mice, rats, rabbits, and other experimental animals.

Features of oral gavage feeding

Feeding needles for mice and rats
Feeding needles for mice and rats

Simple operation: Gavage the solution or suspension, and the drug feeding operation is a repeating process.

High safety: oral medicine administration is the safest of all kinds of drug and medicine administration methods.

Dosage is 0.5-1 ml for mice and 3-8 ml for rats;

The drugs are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and have metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract and liver, so the bioavailability is relatively low.

May cause a certain degree of mechanical and psychological impact on animals.

Generally, different types of oral gavage feeding needles are options according to the age of mice. For example, mice under 5 weeks old can use No. 6 gavage feeding needles, mice weighing less than 30g can use No. 8 or No. 9 oral feeding needles, and mice weighing more than 30g can use No. 12 feeding needle.

Gavage feeding operation guide

Instructions for using mouse feeding needle
Instructions for using mouse feeding needle
  1. Prepare No.12 oral gavage feeding needle and 1.0 ml syringe. Fast the mouse for 4-8 hours before gavage to avoid gastric contents hindering intragastric injection and affecting drug absorption rate. According to the mice’s weight, we can calculate the dosage, prepare the intragastric needle and syringe, and the drug for standby.
  2. Hold the mouse by grasping its tail; try to avoid stimulating it. Place the mouse on a rough surface of the working platform, then press the mouse tail with your palm so that the head, neck, and body (oral cavity and esophagus) are in a straight line, and face the abdomen up and fix it firmly but not too tightly on the neck’s skin.
  3. Put the oral gavage feeding needle into the mouth from the corner to avoid teeth, press the tongue, hold the upper jaw, and push the feeding needle gently inward to prevent damaging the esophagus. In case of resistance, we can slide up and down the oral feeding needle slightly; when the mouse swallows, it means the cardia muscle relaxes, and the resistance will disappear, then you can push the mouse feeding needle in slowly.
  4. Generally, when the oral gavage feeding needle is into the mouse 3-4cm (3/4 of the intragastric feeding needle), it indicates that the gavage needle has entered the stomach, and we can inject the drug. If the animal has an intense struggle and resistance to the feeding needle, we should stop the needle and try again after it is calm. Observe the mouse after the injection; if no respiratory abnormality, we could confirm oral gavage feeding’s success.
  5. The intragastric volume is generally 0.1-0.2 ml/10g, and the maximum is 0.35ml/10g. the maximum intragastric volume of each mouse is not more than 0.8ml.

How to fix the mouse easily

Hold its tail with your right hand, then maintain its neck skin with the thumb and index finger of the left hand, the other three fingers grasp the back to fix it. Pay attention to fix the head, maintaining a straight line, and make the mouse into a vertical position, face up.

Act as quickly as possible to reduce the discomfort of mice.

Intragastric administration dose of mice: 0.1ml/10g body weight. That is to say, a 20g mouse is generally given 0.2ml per time.

How to use the oral gavage feeding needle

Oral gavage feeding needles for mouse
Oral gavage feeding needles for mouse

When inserting the feeding needle, you should go in from the corner of the mouse’s mouth. After entering, let the gavage needle press its tongue and enter the esophagus.

Before the feeding:

  • Put the needle on the feeding syringe.
  • Control the insertion depth around 3cm.
  • Feed with 1.0ml medicine to mice each time.

It’s better to stretch the body in a straight line. If it’s too loose, the mouse will move. If it’s too tight, it will strangle the mouse’s neck. Generally, when the oral gavage feeding needle reaches the pharynx, the mouse will have a swallowing action, then we can carry on the feeding process.

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